First Ever Solid Body Electric Hammered Dulcimer $1250.00 plus shipping

August 5, 2021

This is the original prototype for the new Thunderbird solid body electric hammered dulcimer.  It is a 14/13/8 Compact Chromatic hammered dulcimer for sale.  Includes case, hammers, tuning wrench, damper pedal and cables, stereo patch cord. The dampers are our RA Dampers which are $450.00 on the website.  The Hot Rod Pickups are $350.00.  You’ll never find a deal like this again on a very special hammered dulcimer.  Watch our YouTube video below of this baby in action. It is just great!  The beautiful red finish is Rustoleum glitter paint.  If you are interested in this, you’ll need to contact us directly, no way to list it on the shopping cart.  563-571-5296

This one is sold, it went to England!  But we have a 17/16/8 version of the same instrument with the same pickups and dampers. Complete with case, hammers and tuning wrench, $1700 plus shipping. Cool navy blue over burnt orange crackle finish, and the chromatic bridge is on the right!  Really nice dulcimer.  I don’t have a video of it in action, but it sounds just like the video of the original below.



Comes with this damper pedal


Isn’t she a beaut?

14/13/8 Songbird Thunderbird solid body Electric Hammered Dulcimer


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  • Nathine says:

    I don’t think all the pedals come with it do they? The basic sound is fed through what amp/speaker?

    • Songbird Dulcimers says:

      The effects do not come with it. Just dulcimer, case, damper pedal. You can run it through anything you want. An acoustic amp is a good start, it will have some of the effects onboard. Or a modelling amp which has way more than I have with my separate pedals. For the video I am running it through a mixer which has an effects loop for the pedals, then straight to the camera.

  • Nav says:

    This is such a beautiful instrument. I love the engineering and options it has.
    Has an amazing variety of sounds also.
    -A work of art.

  • Bruce Wales says:

    Verrry Interesting. Is this still available?

    • Songbird Dulcimers says:

      Sold it, but I have a 17/16/8 just like it except with a different finish. It’ll be a little more, but not too much. Email me if you are interested.

  • Louise Comninaki says:

    What’s the weight on the 17/16/8?

    • Songbird Dulcimers says:

      About 18 pounds

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