Hammered Dulcimer Links

Included here are some helpful links to get you started in the dulcimer world! The interactive Google Map below shows where hammered dulcimer teachers are located in red, hammered dulcimer festivals in yellow, and Songbird Dulcimers dealers are in blue.

If you are a Teacher who would like to be on the list, or if you know of a Festival, Online Dulcimer Community, or any other helpful link that should be in these lists, email us the link or information at chris@songbirdhd.com. We are trying to put together the most complete and accurate lists possible.

Hammered Dulcimer Teachers 

There are a plethora of experienced and talented teachers to guide you on your hammered dulcimer journey! Many teachers offer online virtual lessons if you do not live nearby. Visit their website for more details, or contact them via email or phone if they do not have one.

Hammered Dulcimer Festivals   

Attending a dulcimer festival is a great way to get involved in the hammered dulcimer community. We’ve found no other warmer or fun group of people! Join jams, classes, or watch performances from your favorite musicians. Not all of these festivals are specifically for the hammered dulcimer, but all of them welcome hammered dulcimer players. So pack up your dulcimer and bring a smile, because you’re about to make some wonderful music memories!  Check out these festivals:

Songbird Dulcimers Dealers 

Want to try out one of our instruments? Visiting one of our dealers could be helpful in determining if a Songbird hammered dulcimer is right for you! Here is a list of Songbird Dulcimer dealers located across the U.S. and links to their websites.

If you are representing a music store that is interested in selling our instruments, give us a call at (563)571-5296.

Online Dulcimer Communities:

Other Builders: