Hammered Dulcimer Video Lessons by Brett Ridgeway

Brett Ridgeway is a professional musician and one of the friendliest and most well liked teachers in the hammered dulcimer world.  He also teaches mountain dulcimer, clawhammer banjo, bluegrass banjo, mandolin, and guitar as well as several unique ALL INSTRUMENT workshops.  Bret’s philosophy is that “anyone can make music, regardless of age, musical ability or knowledge!”  His philosophy shows in the response to his workshops.  He had the largest classes at both the 2016 and 2017 Dulcimer Funfest festivals at Evart, Michigan.  Brett is available for festivals, concerts, private lessons, etc.  check out his web site. https://www.brettridgewaymusic.com

Brett has literally hundreds of great teaching videos, all free.  We have embedded what we believe are the most pertinent because of space considerations.  These are mostly theory, basics, and how to on the hammered dulcimer plus a couple standard tunes for you to check out.  He has another playlist on Youtube that has 50+ great teaching videos of individual tunes, here is the link to that:

Lesson 1: The Anatomy of the Hammered Dulcimer

Hammered Dulcimer Anatomy

Lesson 2: Morrison's Jig (ALL LEVELS) ALL LESSONS FREE

Sample Lesson

Lesson 3: Hammered Dulcimer - Triangle Chords

Triangle Chords

Lesson 4: Hammered Dulcimer "Left Flag Chords"

Left Flag Chords

Lesson 5: Hammered Dulcimer Line Chords

Dulcimer Line Chords

Lesson 6: Hammered Dulcimer - Diamond Chords

Diamond Chords

Lesson 7: Arpeggios


Lesson 8: Arpeggios Continued...

Arpeggios Part 2

Lesson 9: Chords, Arpeggios, & The Ashgrove

Chords & Arpeggios

Lesson 10: Ashgrove, Part II - Chords and Arpeggios

Chords & Arpeggios Part 2

Lesson 11: Chord Shapes, Reviews, and Triangles

Chord Shapes, Reviews & Triangles

Lesson 12: Playing Back-Up & Chords

Playing Back-Up & Chords

Lesson 13: Exploring & Expanding Hammered Dulcimer Chords

Exploring & Expanding Chords

Lesson 14: Hammered Dulcimer Chords

Hammered Dulcimer Chords

Lesson 15: Hammered Dulcimer Chords Continued...

Chords Part 2

Lesson 16: Exploring Chords and Notes

Chords & Notes

Lesson 17: Chord Embellishment in Fiddle Tunes

Chord Embellishment in Fiddle Tunes

A Simple Explanation of Chords and Keys

Chords & Keys Explained

Turkey in the Straw

Eighth of January Hammered Dulcimer Lesson BEG/INT

Eighth of January