14/13/6/7 Voyageur Hammered Dulcimer


The Adventurer’s Hammered Dulcimer! This dulcimer model is ready to accompany you on any arduous journey. Store the 14/13/6/7 Voyageur easily in an airplane’s overhead bin. This hammered dulcimer is relatively small (38″ long x 15 3/4″ wide) for its capabilities (4 octaves and fully chromatic D3 to D6, except C#6). Clear sound and great projection due to its open back design.

Introducing Our 14/13/6/7 Voyageur Hammered Dulcimer | Songbird Dulcimers

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The 14/13/6/7 Voyageur’s name was inspired by the 18th and 19th century French Canadian voyageurs, who were adventurous fur traders, bravely canoeing large distances with their goods. The Voyageur is built to withstand great adventures by your side too!


  • 14/13/6/7
  • Poplar ply top is coated with black paint
  • Open back; projects well in a jam session
  • Walnut rails, Hard Maple pin blocks, and Walnut bridges
  • 38″ long x 15 3/4″ wide
  • About 13 pounds
  • Comes with hammers and a tuning wrench

Easy to Play, Carefree Hammered Dulcimer

Made of durable Poplar ply, this model is solid. We put a black paint with orange peel texture over it, then seal it with polyurethane. We think the black makes it easier to play since the strings stand out better against a dark background.

Stays in tune fairly well. It will just need a swipe or two under the strings with our felt stick to wipe the dust away and an occasional polish if you are feeling fancy.

Open Back Provides Clear Projection in Loud Jams

A new feature Chris has been working on is this open back design, which was inspired by Sam Rizzetta’s last model. The Voyageur’s open back allows for better projection. The Voyageur is capable of playing 4 octaves, D2 to D6, and she is fully chromatic D3 to D6 (except C#6). Compare her with our similar model, the Chickadee Chromatic (which excludes the extended range bridge and open back design). The range of this model with this small size is hard to come by at this kind of price point!

With a Special Thanks to Dan Duggan

“One Moe Waltz” Dan Duggan c Esperance music BMI

A very special thanks for this hammered dulcimer design goes to Dan Duggan. It wouldn’t have happened without him! Dan had been asking Chris for years to make a small D based hammered dulcimer with a lower octave bridge and chromatics! It only took a few years, but finally Chris got it done! Above is Dan’s original composition, “One Moe Waltz,” played on our collaborative dulcimer, the 14/13/6/7 Voyageur.

And here is another original of his: “Thunder Rocks” Dan Duggan c Esperance music BMI

Thunder Rocks : Dan Duggan

Dan also opted for electric pickups and dampers on his Voyageur. He has showcased the beautiful depth and sheer range of this instrument very well. Great job Dan!

The Adventurer’s Dulcimer

The Voyageur makes a wonderful travel dulcimer. She is fully capable, yet can still be stowed in an airplane’s overhead bin. No more lugging your heavy dulcimer around between festivals, jams, and vacations. The Voyageur hammered dulcimer will traverse great distances easily, ready to make beautiful music all the way.


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