14/13/6/7 Wanderer Hammered Dulcimer


For those of us who want it all… With the Wanderer you get a fully capable dulcimer at half the size. This beauty has 4 octaves, D2 to D6. Fully chromatic D3 to D6 (except C#6). Featuring an open back design to allow those trebles to sing! Projects well. The Multiple Section Soundboard design allows for humidity changes. No cracks or warps, and just stays in tune longer.

Introducing Our 14/13/6/7 Wanderer Hammered Dulcimer | Songbird Dulcimers

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The 14/13/6/7 Wanderer Chromatic hammered dulcimer is for those of us who just want it all: Tuning stability, humidity resistance, good clear sound, great projection, full chromatic range, and yet still small enough to take on trips to the ends of the Earth.


  • 14/13/6/7
  • African Mahogany top with Multiple Section Soundboard design
  • Hard Maple sides, Curly Maple bindings, and Walnut bridges
  • 13 pounds
  • 38″ long x 15 3/4″ wide
  • 4 octaves, D2 to D6. Fully chromatic D3 to D6 (except C#6)
  • Open back allows for better projection
  • Comes with hammers and a tuning wrench

Fully Chromatic 

The Wanderer has a 4 octave range, D2 to D6 and is fully chromatic D3 to D6 (except C#6). Yet she is still small enough to fit into overhead bin compartment of an airplane! We sure packed a lot of dulcimer into this small size.

Resists Temperature and Humidity Changes with Ease

The dulcimer’s African Mahogany top is a specially designed Multiple Section Soundboard to help minimize shrinking and swelling from humidity changes. Take her to the jungle, the forest, the plains. Tuning stable.

Open Back, Great Sound

A new feature Chris has been playing with is the open back design (inspired by Sam Rizzetta’s last model). The open back allows for sound to project better. The Wanderer has more clarity and less sustain than our comparable Sparrow model.

Who Says You Can’t Always Get What You Want?

The 14/13/6/7 Wanderer Chromatic hammered dulcimer will be a great companion, full of clear, beautiful sound for years to come. If you are in the market for a fully capable travel dulcimer that can withstand any environment, the Wanderer is the one you need!



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