Fully Adjustable Hammered Dulcimer Stand

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Our own unique design. The lightest, easiest and quickest to adjust most stable adjustable stand on the market. Unfinished Poplar, ready for you to stain if you choose.

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Our own unique design. Most adjustable stands have a frame that sits solidly on the ground and adjusters raise or lower the hammered dulcimer from there with a whole forest of knobs to be tightened and adjustments to be made. Ours have only three adjuster legs with six knobs. We have perfected this design over about 18 years, and this is the fourth and best version

Play standing up, or seated, or any height and angle in-between. Anyone up to about 6′ 2″ should be very comfortable with this stand. Made from solid Poplar, they will be shipped unfinished, ready for you to stain your own custom color if you want. These are the simplest, quickest to adjust and most stable adjustable stand on the hammered dulcimer market.

If you are considering buying a complete package but want this fully-adjustable hammered dulcimer stand, we can do a trade up for the difference in prices.

1 review for Fully Adjustable Hammered Dulcimer Stand

  1. ron.oatney

    This stand has been amazing. I have set marks for anything from low chairs to bar stools or standing. It’s quick and easy. I also installed a hook on one of the front legs to hang my hammers.

    • Songbird Dulcimers

      Thank you so much, Ron!

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