Limited Guarantee

Thank you for purchasing your fine new Songbird Hammered Dulcimer. We appreciate the vote of confidence in us that your purchase indicates.

All Songbird instruments are guaranteed to the original purchaser against defects in materials or workmanship for the period of two years from the date of retail purchase as proven by the sales slip.

Exceptions to this are things which are beyond the control of Songbird Dulcimers such as abuse, neglect, and normal wear and tear.

We at Songbird take pride in our carefully crafted instruments, which we have built to last a lifetime if they are cared for. However, they are made of wood, a natural material which changes its shape ever so slightly with changes in temperature and humidity, especially humidity. Our dulcimers are built of carefully selected and cured materials in our climate controlled shop which is maintained at normal room temperature and normal humidity year round. Therefore subjecting your instrument to extremes of temperature or humidity, either high or low, constitutes abuse. In summer, instruments with solid wood (non laminated) tops should be kept in an air-conditioned room where humidity is usually lower than outside. In winter if the humidity in the house gets low you should use a room humidifier, not an instrument humidifier which slips inside the sound hole.

We are confident that your Songbird Dulcimer will last you many years and bring many hours of joy and pleasure. Thank you again, and if you encounter any problems with your instrument, contact your retailer, and together he and we at Songbird will do whatever is necessary and right. Please be sure and retain your original sales receipt, thanks.

Trade Up Policy

As of 6/30/2013 if you buy a new Phoebe from us and within the next two years, decide you would like to trade up to something else in our line, we will allow 100% of the value of your Phoebe when you purchased it on the trade-in.  You will need to retain your original purchase receipt as proof of when you bought the dulcimer, and how much you paid for it.  Also, your old dulcimer needs to be in relatively good condition.  Sorry, but dulcimers coming from the homes of smokers are excluded; we don’t want them.

It works like this:  You keep your case and all other accessories that came with your Phoebe, and use them with your new dulcimer.  When we agree on a price, for the new dulcimer minus the trade-in value, and you have paid, we ship the new dulcimer to you in a case and in a box.  You get the new dulcimer out of the case and box, and put the Phoebe in, and ship it back to us.  You will have to pay shipping.  So as an example, as of 6/30/2013 the “just dulcimer” price of a Phoebe is $449.00, and that is what we would allow on a trade-in.  So if you wanted to step up to a Warbler for example, the price of that as of 6/30/2013 is $1,048.00, so you would pay that amount minus the $449.00 which equals $599.00 plus whatever the shipping is from us to you.  Then when you ship your Phoebe back to us, you will have to pay the post office for shipping.

Other Instruments In our Line, and Those Bought From Our Dealers

As of 6/30/2013 all other instruments in our line, as well as any of our dulcimers bought new from one of our dealers will be accepted back and we will allow 80% of the original value on a trade-in.  Again, these must be less than two years old, in relatively good condition, and not from the home of a smoker.   This is a major change in our policy, always before, we only accepted instruments bought from us.  Again, you will need to retain your original purchase receipt to prove when and where you bought the dulcimer as well as how much you paid for it.

Click here to view our Trade Up policy on older Songbird instruments and instruments built by others