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First Ever Solid Body Electric Hammered Dulcimer $1250.00 plus shipping

August 5, 2021 7 Comments

This is the original prototype for the new Thunderbird solid body electric hammered dulcimer.  It is a 14/13/8 Compact Chromatic hammered dulcimer for sale.  Includes case, hammers, tuning wrench, damper pedal and cables, stereo patch cord. The dampers are our RA Dampers which are $450.00 on the website.  The Hot Rod Pickups are $350.00.  You’ll never find a deal like this again on a very special hammered dulcimer.  Watch our YouTube video below of this baby in action. It is... Read More →

Effects For Electric Hammered Dulcimer

January 20, 2021 Leave your thoughts

After working on it for several years, this is the setup I have come up with for my electric hammered dulcimer.  You don’t need all this stuff to play electric hammered dulcimer, just an amp of some sort.  But the effects give you an amazing array of wonderful, useful sounds that have never been heard. My setup starts with the Fishman Loudbox Artist Acoustic amp which I highly recommend.  It has two channels so you can run two instruments, or... Read More →