Hammered Dulcimer Cleaning Kit



If you are getting a lot of good use out of your hammered dulcimer, you probably often leave it out of its case a lot. And like anything in your house, it collects dust.

You scratch your head and wonder how to clean underneath those strings.

Not to worry, we are now proud to offer you a cleaning kit made especially for the hammered dulcimer! In it, we include:

  • A felt-covered stick for reaching and wiping dust under the strings
  • A bottle of lemon oil polish for polishing the back and sides of your instrument
  • A cloth rag for lemon oil polishing
  • A brush for clearing away any dust collected around the pins

The instructions printed on the back of the kit will walk you through the cleaning of your hammered dulcimer:

  1. Use the felt-covered stick to clean everywhere it will reach under the strings. You can spray a little Endust if you want (not included).
  2. Use the brush to reach areas that the stick won’t, like around the pins. Loosen the dust with the brush, then you can blow it away with your breath or compressed air.
  3. The Lemon Oil Polish is for the back and sides. It will clean as well as polish. Put a little on a cloth and wipe it on. Let it dry for a few minutes, then polish with the included soft cloth.

For more tips on the care and maintenance of your hammered dulcimer, check out our maintenance tips blog post.


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