9/8 Fledgling Hammered Dulcimer (Two Strings Per Course)


This is a two string per course version of the 9/8 Fledgling dulcimer. Great for kids or adults of all ages; it makes a good basic starter dulcimer for anybody!

Introducing Our Brand New 9/8 Fledgling Hammered Dulcimer (Two String version)│Songbird Dulcimers

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This is a two string per course version of the 9/8 Fledgling dulcimer. Great for those looking to learn to play the hammered dulcimer! Stays in tune with itself remarkably well so needs tuning seldom.


  • 9/8
  • 11” x 31 1/2”
  • Weighs just 6 pounds
  • American made softwood ply top and back
  • Frame is Maple
  • Comes with tuning wrench, hammers, table top peg, and custom corrugated cardboard box/case
  • Has nice ethereal sound
  • Small and portable, take it anywhere!
  • Add the backpack case for $125
  • Natural wood grain, add paint color for extra

The two string dulcimer comes in natural finish, but we could do a custom color for you if you wanted. Basic package for it is the dulcimer, tuning wrench, hammers, table top peg, and custom box/case. It does not include the kids’ Fledgling version note strips and book, but we can add them if you want (you will need to contact us for this).

Great Beginner’s Hammered Dulcimer 

If you are a beginning hammered dulcimer player, add on Mel Bay’s “You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer” for $19.95. This book will easily get you started on learning how to play! This dulcimer is simple to tune. Like most dulcimers, there are two strings per course, making up 32 strings total. The Fledgling seems to keep its tune pretty well, which is attractive to a lot of beginner players who are still learning the basics of tuning.

Add on the Backpack Case for Easy Travel!

The Fledgling is small and light (only 6 pounds!) which makes it ideal for travel. You can also add the backpack case made right here at Songbird for $125 (case color may vary). With the backpack case, it only weighs 8 pounds total. This Fledgling version is perfect for backpackers, travelers, or someone who just doesn’t enjoy lugging around their heavy dulcimer.

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Green, Periwinkle Blue, Pink, Sky Blue

Availability: We are a small Mom and Pop enterprise, and can’t have everything we make in stock all the time.  We should have all of the accessories and small items all of the time.  We also try to keep natural Phoebe and Chickadee dulcimers around all of the time.  But other finishes or higher end models will be hit or miss.  We build dulcimers 6 of each model at a time to get the economy of scale, so if we have them, we have them, if not, it could be a month or two depending on where we are in our cycle.  If you have a deadline, please contact us for availability of what you are thinking of getting before placing the order.

Shipping Info:  A shipping calculator with all the functionality would cost us big money, so we opted to use the basic and reliable Paypal checkout system and include a reasonable average shipping cost on the price of each item.  If you order multiple items to ship in the same package, we will refund the extra via Paypal.

International Shipping: Our standard shipping amount is for shipments to the lower 48 United States. We can ship internationally, but not to everywhere. Our packages must go via US Postal Service to be as economical as possible. It depends on the rules of the receiving country what size package they will accept. In general most European countries are OK. Also Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. If you are wondering, you can check yourself on the Post Office website. Our most common package is 44 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 6 inches thick for a total length plus girth of 104 inches. They weigh 33 pounds. This should be enough info to get you a quote. You can always contact us for a quote, too.

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Dealers: When possible, it is always best to go see and try out an instrument before buying. You can also get the input of a knowledgeable sales person. A good dealer will have in stock several different models of hammered dulcimer. Some will even have instruments from different makers, and it is very educational to see and hear the difference.

We have many trusted dealers all over the country that we have been working with for many years. We consider these folks close friends, and would not hesitate to recommend them to you. Contact us and we can put you in touch with someone near you.


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